16  November

Improving Website Ranking on Google and Other Search Engines

Get Your Website To Page One of Google!

Have you done a Google search to see where your business “ranks” in Internet searches? You may have noticed  that there are hundreds of thousands of results found by Google for any given search! Obviously, every one can’t be on page one. So how can you get your business listing to the “top of the pack” on page one of Google?


How Do Google & Other Search Engines Rank Websites? Mt. Clemens – Macomb – Detroit

Google and others search engines want to make sure that the listings they return are actually relevant to what the person is searching for. So, the more “information” in your site that tells Google what your site is about – the better your website will be ranked.

In the Internet’s early days, there wasn’t much competition for listings, so search engines simply relied upon “keywords” (meta tags) that were encoded into a website’s homepage in order to find and “rank” your site.  But now, with literally millions of websites competing for ranking, search engines rely upon a wide range of factors when ranking websites.

Additionally, improved geo-locating technology now enables Search Engines to know where the user (searching party) is located through “geo-targeting” technology. This means your site must also be “optimized” to rank well in the geographic area or areas where your target market is located!


Many Website Elements are Necessary for Good SEO Mt. Clemens – Macomb- Detroit

Much of what gets you to the top of Google listings is “under the hood” of your website! Elements that you don’t see – but that a knowledgeable website designer will include “in” your site – will ensure that your website is search engine optimized to achieve favorable search engine ranking.

Unfortunately, many amateur, inexperienced or “cut rate” website developers don’t know how (or don’t take the time) to build a website containing all of the elements necessary to get you found and ranked highly in Google searches!

Just a few of the necessary elements every website must have for maximized search engine optimization include: rich content, descriptive file names, searchable heading markers (“h1″ and “h2″ tags) and other behind-the-scenes elements, such as a comprehensive sitemap.xml.

If you don’t know what these terms mean, don’t worry . . . when you hire our SEO firm we do it all for you!


So How Do I Get the Best Search Engine Optimization?

Mt. Clemens – Macomb- Detroit

Unless you are a technology geek who wants to constantly research, study and implement the ever changing algorithms of SEO, the only way to get and stay on top of Google search results is to hire an experienced website development & serach engine optimization company . . . like NES World Group!

We can build a stunning new website for you that includes all of the elements needed for search engine optimization that will start moving up to the top of Google ranking. Or, we can go “under the hood” and upgrade your existing website, to include those SEO elements necessary to help you start climbing up in your search engine ranking.

Once your website has been launched or upgraded, we can help you maintain your ranking with ongoing seach engine optimization (SEO) that will improve your web visibility, with other important Internet development services such as online video, social media presence, directory listings & even pay-per-click advertising programs.

Your website is how the world sees your company – and how new customers find and learn about your business. Don’t let an outdated, ineffective, poorly SEO -ed (or just plain ugly!) website hold you back from growing your business! Call NES World Group today. We would love to have a discussion with you about your options for affordably and effectively building a world class web presence.

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