Represented Möbel Link at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show

This year our client, Möbel Link Modern Furniture attended the Architectural Digest Home Design show which took place March 20th – March 23rd, 2014. NES World Group attended the show to help out with both the show in terms of marketing as well as act as sales representatives for this line of high end modern furniture.

NES World Group’s responsibilities were to perform R&D on The Architectural Digest Home Design show to make sure this was the proper show for Möbel Link to attend. Once it was determined that Möbel Link would benefit greatly from this show, we started conjuring up designs for the booth, sales collateral, and business cards. We created all marketing material for the show while the designer of the furniture, Alan Kaniarz created Miniature models of each piece, so we were able to fit the entire collection in such a small booth. Quite the obstacle, but we succeeded!

With a few other companies in attendance from Detroit, it’s safe to say Möbel Link got a lot of recognition simply because the furniture is made in Detroit and already has a brand built on helping out Detroit. It was truly amazing to see everyone coming together and rooting on Detroit.

Oos and ahhs were exhaled from consumer’s mouths throughout the entire show. Not only did they stop to look at the furniture’s beautiful and absolutely unique qualities, they sat in the furniture and were in utter shock by how comfortable the furniture was. At one point we thought about adding a spy cam to record everyone’s reactions as they sat in Möbel Link’s Zag Zig Chair, which believe it or not, rocks both literally and figuratively. One of the biggest factors that Möbel was sold on was that it truly is Functional Art and one of-a-kind furniture for any home. You’re investing in functional art. Not many artists or designers can say that.

The show was a success and Möbel Link was able to gain a great amount of awareness through articles write up’s by The New York Times, Architectural Digest, and The Wall Street Journal. This was an awesome opportunity to spread the word about Möbel Link Modern Furniture to the correct target audience and have a little fun while doing so!

Check out Möbel Link Modern Furniture’s Furniture Collection at The furniture comes in both indoor and outdoor furniture. Keep that in mind if you ever want to spice things up in your home with an iconic furniture piece.

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