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The Story

Woods-N-Water came to us with the challenge of creating a very comprehensive Facebook campaign. They had spent over three years trying to grow their fan base and only had a following of 2,600 persons when we began marketing. WNW wanted us to produce a social media frenzy that would attract at least 10,000 users in just three short months.

The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We created an extensive Facebook marketing plan that would serve as the guiding principle for the entire term of the project. We then went over strategies for different posts and news shares that we were going to use to grow the fan base. We altered all graphics on the page and added different widgets to get users too.


Phase 2

We started our marketing launch and worked with each publication date to sync articles, advertising, product offers and competitions with the Facebook page. We implemented this seven days a week and were able to establish a successful format that was capable of growing the fan base at a rate of 4,000 users per month.


Phase 3

The Hunt Club Tennis was in serious need of a website. This is where we came in and designed a website for them which was simplistically designed, easy to navigate, visually appealing using the photos from the photo shoot we took as well as unique to The Hunt Club. We created graphics for various programs showcased on the site as well as to spice the website up and brand it properly and make it more visually appealing to the eye.



The Outcome

Woods-N-Water now has a fan base of almost 15,000 users after the short three-month period. We were able to train an internal employee of WNW to utilize the system we built to continue to grow the fan base and gain additional brand equity. They are very happy with the results and the fan base is continuing to grow each day.