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TM Shea Products

The Story

TM Shea Products is a POG sign systems and display’s company based out of Troy, MI. Their goal is to provide and encourage ‘One-Stop Shopping’ by offering various in-store marketing and merchandising solutions for their clients. TM Shea Products wanted help with their sales presentations, email marketing, social media implementation and maintenance.



The Nitty Gritty

TM Shea Products is so industry specific that our targeted marketing efforts had to be very fine-tuned. We were only targeting purchasers at large retail chains and brands nationwide. To do this NES designed and implemented monthly email marketing newsletters to over 7,000 industry contacts. Our social media designs and execution of Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and Google+ was executed with ultimate control. We not only built the social media platforms, but we also maintained them daily through relevant industry news and company feedback. NES worked with the sites current structure and social media integration to develop keyword search resulting in increased traffic to the website. This was important to tie all web-marketing efforts together.


The Outcome

Their SEO increased dramatically for web hits. They obtained analytics from the newsletter that allowed them to isolate which of their contacts were interested in certain products. They were able to accomplish sales through targeted callbacks. We trained TM Shea’s staff to run the newsletters in house and saved them valuable man hours by sending targeted and measurable emails in a timely manner.