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The Peanut Peddler

The Story

After accidentally coming across one of The Peanut Peddler’s business cards in a local shop, it became clear that this was a fun company/brand that was worth pursuing. The Peanut Peddler has a timeless, vintage brand and it is safe to say that it’s the best kept little secret in downtown Mount Clemens. They sell a variety of products in house such as roasted peanuts, almonds, trail mix, dried fruit, etc. Not to mention, their 1917 peanut roasting cart which receives a lot of recognition and hype throughout the area.


When discussing where The Peanut Peddler wanted to take their company, it was apparent that many things needed to be completed before this could happen. We started with Research & Development to analyze the snack industry. From there we collaborated and decided that a new website was extremely necessary; one with an e-commerce, correct pricing, easy to navigate and the correct overall branding. This then lead to branding which encompassed; packaging, labels, social media restructure, photography and video creation.


The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

It all started by completing a research and development package for The Peanut Peddler to give them insight into the snack market and an overall market analysis to determine what steps were necessary to take them to the next level. This consisted of stats on where peanuts were grown, an extensive case study on a local competitor, research on which flavors are most popular these days, etc. After developing the R&D, both The Peanut Peddler and NES agreed to move forward on the brand build and design.


This led us to the next steps which included; photo shoots of all products sold at their location, photos of their storefront, a video to brand them properly and get them buzzing on the web, and social media graphics to fully brand The Peanut Peddler. We wanted the photography, video and social media graphics to all incorporate their timeless vintage style. After completing this, we then created a website for them which is branded the same and encompasses an e-commerce shopping cart, account portal, catalog, etc. From verbiage to graphics, you name it we designed it! Not only did we come up with the layout and text we also created an SEO friendly site by using the correct keywords, permalinks, structure and creating business listings to pick up their site through search engines. Head on over to their site and check out all that we have done for them!


Phase 2

After completing phase 1 it was vital that The Peanut Peddler had packaging for their products beyond their current packaging. We found suggestions within a given price point and gave the client options for packaging nuts, trail mixes and dried fruit in store. The client’s goals are to end up in grocery stores one day, so we jumped on board to help them make this happen. Last but not least we created a banner for them to showcase their brand and logo at upcoming events.



The Outcome

With a well thought out, planned and implemented brand, The Peanut Peddler is on the road to success. The Peanut Peddler has been able to solidify themselves as a unique, vintage and timeless snack shop. They have expanded their sales by having an e-commerce website that will meet their growing demand. Through extensive networking and local awareness we were able to assist in drawing in The Peanut Peddler to The Henry Ford, Greenfield Village for current and up and coming events. Their labels, packaging and overall brand will take them far and get them placement into grocery stores throughout Michigan in no time.


Client Gossip

We hired NES to take our new business to the next level. NES explained to us the importance of having an iconic brand. Their team created a market analysis for us and showed us our competition and the avenues we would need to take to become as good or better. After the analysis they presented us with three brand directions that were so good it was hard to choose which one to roll out. They created a masterful website, sales material, packaging, video, and investor packet.We are looking forward to continuing our growth with NES moving forward for years to come.

-Michelle Novak, Owner of The Peanut Peddler