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Sycamore Homes

The Story

Sycamore Homes is a rapidly growing property development firm located in Macomb, Michigan. They came to us with the task to transform their old business name and assist them in a brand transition to SYCAMORE HOMES. We successfully helped them to develop logos, business cards, stationary, sales material, exhibit booths and PowerPoint presentations.

The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We started with tackling their most crucial parts first. They were heading to a large investment meeting and needed a refresh of an existing proposal presentation. We met with them for 3 hours and were able to determine the best form of presentation. It was a 45-page spiral bound book that would educate an investor on their company’s past, present, and future. We were able to turn this around and compete the project in just three days, with reviews, info-graphic design, and copy rebuild. We had it printed and prepared for a meeting that was being attended five days after we were given the project.


Phase 2

Addressing the brand was the next objective on the list. We had to come up with three concepts of stationary, promotional products, and business cards that would help them make a clean transition into their new look. We built three brands and after two revision meetings, were able to land on our final brand that gave them the maturity to create an iconic brand for them.


Phase 3

Sycamore needed a sales material two-pocket folder with informational pages stapled to the inside, as well as an exhibit booth for an up-and-coming show they were attending in Toronto. We generated two concepts for the folders and exhibit walls that were vigorously scrutinized and critiqued until we had a quality presentation to attract new prospect investors.


The Outcome:

NES was able to give Sycamore Homes a new look, feel and tools needed to always present their growing company in the best way possible. They now are able to freely make well- strategized moves without the hiccup of trying to adjust each presentation last minute. They have gained substantial ground with their new brand and it has been received exceptionally well by all stakeholders in and outside of their company.


Client Gossip:

We needed to redesign our business cards and sales material and have it created in 2 weeks while seamlessly matching our existing brand. The NES team accomplished our schedule of the business cards, folders, and sales books. they made our project priority and pushed our team to respond to our schedule. We would not hesitate to work with NES or recommend them.

-Justin McRae, Chief Operating Officer at Sycamore Property Management