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Safies Specialty Foods

The Story

Safies Specialty Foods has been a family-owned company with a deep heritage in the Pickled Product segment of the food industry. They have been very successful growing their pickle empire over the last 80 years and were looking to introduce a new product called “SEXY HOT ASPARAGUS”. They needed to develop packaging, recipe cards, retail signs and a display that could assist them with introducing their new product to their retail buyers and the world.


The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

NES had to research the industry of pickles and how Safies was staged among its competition. We needed to create a unique and substantial identity for the new product line and we needed it to work with her existing 12 SKUs. After 15 store audits to discover what current position of Safies, we generated multiple label designs that would be the basis for the new product launch.


Phase 2

Once the brand direction was established, we produced a photo shoot of pre-selected food items that would be presented to consumers. We created a Bloody Mary and a rich, gourmet sandwich that would be the cornerstone of sales for the new product. In addition to the recipe cards, we needed to develop signage that could be used at trade shows, food shows and in-store displays.


Phase 3

The Hunt Club Tennis was in serious need of a website. This is where we came in and designed a website for them which was simplistically designed, easy to navigate, visually appealing using the photos from the photo shoot we took as well as unique to The Hunt Club. We created graphics for various programs showcased on the site as well as to spice the website up and brand it properly and make it more visually appealing to the eye.


The Outcome:

Safies has launched their new product and it has been received with very open arms by all retailers. “SEXY HOT ASPARAGUS” has been one of the most successful product launches Safies has ever had in its line. The stores have reordered in record numbers and they have had the chance to develop new distribution outlets with their door-opening brand.


Client Gossip:

I came to NES looking to get packaging designed for my newest product, “Sexy Hot Asparagus.” They Presented me with three possibilities and we all agreed ton one that was sexy and sophisticated while maintaining the classic feel of my band. Today, Sexy Hot Asparagus is on shelves of retailers across Michigan, Wrapped in the beautiful label designed by NES World Group. Thank you to the team for being so responsive and helping me push the boundaries with this new product brands.

-Mary Safie, Owner of Safies Specialty Foods