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Printing By Johnson

The Story:

Based in Mount Clemens, Printing by Johnson is one of the most premier printers on the east side of Michigan. They provide over 150 different kinds of printing solutions for their clients while also maintaining their signage business and promotional product segment. Printing By Johnson was looking for NES World Group to create a web solution that would generate major search results, finding them qualified customers and creating a RFQ platform that would make the transaction of becoming a client simple and effortless.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1:
The initial phase of this project was creation of a massive 150 page webpage with photos and industry verbiage. Our team consulted with the PBJ team to define exactly what services they wanted to offer and in what geographic and industries they wanted to supply their services. A photo shoot was then scheduled on site at PBJ to create images of all their categories, and unique services that would be offered online. This material was reviewed with PBJ in person to make the approval process efficient for the project 4 week deadline.
Phase 2:
With a website built and in place, the next step was to implement SEO key word concentration into the entire web layout. This would allow for PBJ to gain premium search results through online search platforms. We also created 10 unique RFQ forms that would sort, and gain specific customer data that would make it possible to quote customers quickly and efficiently after receipt of their request.


NES World Group generated multiple custom RFQ forms, 150 pages of searchable and SEO friendly webpages, and an interactive blog to maintain search. These tools have already proven themselves in just 8 short weeks. PBJ new tools have already generated a return that has covered almost their entire investment with us. With these tools in place, we are currently working to expand the service offerings and gain a stronger online presence for certain targeted words.

Client Gossip:

We recently had the pleasure of working with NES to rebuild our website. We needed to showcase hundreds of different products in a clear, organized way. We also wanted to incorporate a feature that would allow our customers to easily upload print files directly from the site. The NES team pulled it off and allowed us to gain new customers while streamlining our file upload process.

-Jim Johnson, President and Owner at Printing By Johnson