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Northern Industrial Manufacturing

The Story

At Northern Industrial Manufacturing (NIM), they pride themselves on quality, performance and customer service. As Manufactures of precision thrust washers, shims and metal stamping they supply customers like GM, Chrysler, ZF and Borg Warner. In preparation for receiving the 2013 GM Supplier Excellence Award, and the 2013 ZF North American Supplier of the year they commissioned NES to review their current brand identity/logo. After review it was determined by both parties that it was time for a change.

The Nitty Gritty

Phase 1

NES came up with 7 different logo designs, met with Northern Industrial Manufacturing’s team and came up with a final logo in just three days. The new logo incorporated a metal washer that also showcased their brand’s uniqueness with various colored edges. We wanted to keep their logo simple but also convey their products and services as best as possible. The new logo resulted in a compromise of both old aspects of the logo as well as new and improved design features, encompassing current brand identity.

Phase 2

After coming up with NIM’s overall brand feel and completing their brand package, it was time to take a photo shoot, design a sales brochure and design and implement a new website for them. After several photo shoots both in house and at Northern Industrial Manufacturing’s facility, there were many photos to choose from for the website and other collateral. We created a sales brochure that encompassed their new logo, a few new photos and the final selective colored washers’ image that NIM requested of us. Upon completion of the photo shoot we created a WordPress Content Management System Website. This site consisted of 50+ pages with a variety of photos, graphic creation, contact form, request-a-quote form all while providing a visually appealing and easily navigable website.

Phase 3

It’s critical to have a video in today’s visual and digital economy. A short video between 30 seconds and 3 minutes is the perfect time frame for someone to get a brief preview of a company. Not only does this help make a company look trustworthy and put together, it gives consumers or potential clients a brief glimpse of your company. A video is the chance to blow someone away before even interacting with the company. For this video, we filmed several of the employees while taking the viewer through the facility and showing various capabilities and products that NIM produces. We wanted the video to flow smoothly and showcase the most important parts about their company that set them apart from other companies.

The Outcome:

After meeting with the CEO and other important partners within the company, the logo was exactly what they were looking for. The client was flabbergasted with how quickly our team worked and they were extremely pleased with the logo. They ended up taking it with them to the GM Supplier Excellence Award not too long after.  It was a pleasure working with NIM’s team and we have no doubt in our mind that their new logo, website and video will be used for years to come.


Client Gossip:

I had the privilege of working with many members of NES World Group’s team on a comprehensive logo redesign for my company NIM. You truly see what someone is made of when being tasked with a seemingly large issue at hand. When tasking their team with a complete NIM logo overhaul for my company we needed to have the logo in 3 days. NES managed the situation with tremendous grace, precision and accuracy, hitting the essence of our brand spot on. NES’s team quickly began to ensure that the key specifics of our brand were communicated and showed through to our logo. Their customer focus, technical prowess and design skills were absolutely crucial. With collaboration on both ends we completed the design, and we will impress our customers with the sophistication of our new logo for years to come. I would highly recommend NES World Group for their marketing innovation, presentation, time management, budget, and logo design skills. Great work!

-Jeff Hohlfeldt, Business Development and Engineering Manager at Northern Industrial Manufacturing