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Morelli Investments

The Story

Morelli Investments is a third generation family owned business and was searching for a way to bring their company into the digital age. They are a very dynamic company that handles construction management, property maintenance, property leasing and renovation work. They needed a new brand, website and video revision to make their presence known and their firm footing in Macomb County highlighted for all to see.


The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We first took on the task of developing an authentic and timeless brand that represented the hard work and sweat that went into building a successful real estate company. After a brief discovery meeting with father and son, we at NES went to work developing multiple brand directions to present in our next meeting. Our designs were well received and we were able to pin down the final logo, business card, envelope, real estate sign, and letterhead direction.


Phase 2

After finalizing the brand and getting all materials off to the printer, it was time for another discovery meeting to dig further into the company and gather copy for the website we were to build. In a one hour meeting we were able to gain enough information to successfully put together two layouts of their website for review. With a direction confirmed, we produced the website for the next four weeks; performing photo shoots to gather life style imagery, creating copy, generating digital graphics for all pages, and programming/formatting the site into the great representation it is today.


The Outcome

The website has been well received by all prospects who Morelli Investments has been approaching for building maintenance, new build construction, and leasing of properties. MI has a database, which easily allows them to change their properties to available or occupied. They are very happy with the tool we have created for their business and are satisfied with the level of care we took to create a new look for them, while making sure to keep the longstanding heritage in mind.