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Möbel Link Modern Furniture

The Story

A modern furniture retailer in the heart of Detroit, Möbel Link caters to an elite group of interior designers and art galleries. Möbel Link Modern Furniture specializes in architecturally unique, hand crafted, made to order furniture, to suit a variety of interior and exterior spaces.


What was originally requested of NES was marketing and product expertise. After developing a round of meetings that distinguished the brand of the company and how it was going to be portrayed, a number of other services were set in motion; product development, re-branding, social media marketing, website design/development, collateral material, event marketing, print materials, video, etc.


The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

To start, we took a deep look into the furniture/art industry and developed pricing that would be competitive to Möbel Link’s target market. With well-developed pricing and furniture names, it was then time to implement a photo shoot with an emphasis on Detroit. With the owner, Alan Kanariz’s roots and company history ingrained in the Detroit landscape, an emphasis on Detroit produced furniture was a must. To achieve increased interaction between Möbel Link and designers, clients and prospects, we developed their social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz. We continue to gain brand awareness and increase a following across all platforms.


Phase 2

After evaluating Möbel Link’s current website, we made a mutual decision to create a new website to encompass Möbel Link’s re-brand, cleaner photos, new contact forms, SEO and Google analytics. Since the re mod of the website, we can track where and how customers navigate through the site. We also made an executive decision and took off the pricing on the website after extensive research and analysis. These changes create the exclusive and elite branding that encompasses Möbel Link.


Phase 3

Once the website was completed it was imperative that we created videos, postcards, showroom booklets and CD labels for events that we would soon be attending. We managed to enter Möbel Link’s Mini Frond Chair in the Bailey House Gala’s Auction in New York which was full of designers, celebrities and many other elite individuals. We then determined that NeoCon was the place for Möbel Link to be to gain the right awareness from the correct people. We went on to develop sales strategies to place Möbel Link in local showrooms as well as online distribution channels. Traditional marketing is not a thing of the past. It has been very effective in gaining results for Möbel Link. We have worked hard to get listings in many publications and through the creation of videos, postcards, mailers and trade shows we have been able to gain editorial avenues that have been priceless.


The Outcome:

The new product line offered a variety of furniture pieces to the current product line. The website received many praises, was much easier to navigate and incorporated social media, as well as Möbel Link’s overall brand. Through Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Houzz, Möbel Link gained increased brand awareness among the community. NeoCon 2013 was a success and allowed Möbel Link to gain awareness, with attendees from all over the world. With media coverage in The Detroit News, Hour Detroit, Detroit Home, Canada Air, Woodworkers Journal, etc. It is needless to say that Möbel Link has become recognized as one of Detroit’s finest. We are currently in the works, orchestrating Möbel’s attendance at the Architectural Digest Home Design show in March. We have built an ongoing relationship with the owner of Möbel Link and continue to grow all facets of his company.

Client Gossip:

I have nothing but good things to say about Greg Dilone and his company, NES World Group. They have focused on my company in such a way as to make me feel as if I’m their only client, even though I know full well that I’m but one of many.

-Alan Kaniarz, Owner/President/Designer of Möbel Link Modern Furniture