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Midwest Open Mixed Doubles Championship

The Story

The USTA Midwest Open Mixed Doubles Championship is a tournament that is being held at the Grosse Pointe Hunt Club in Grosse Pointe Michigan. The Hunt Club Tennis is putting on this event and it is a great way to bring together the tennis community. They approached us in need of a logo design for the tournament so that they have a brand that the community can recognize and this tournament will soon grow into a widely known tournament bringing in more tennis players from all over. From here we built out a website for them.

The Nitty Gritty

Phase 1

The task at hand was to design a logo and website for a tournament that The Hunt Club would soon be holding by the name of Midwest Open Mixed Doubles Championship. This is an internationally recognized tournament and among the top 10 tournaments in the US. After meeting with them and going over their goals and aspirations for this project, we decided on a visually appealing, simple, easy to navigate website. We then came up with five different logo choices. Once sitting down and discussing with the client, we decided on a simple circular logo that looked professional, athletic and unique from other tournament logos. In order to include images for the website, our internal photographers went to the site and took a variety of photos for the tournament website.

Phase 2

The next step for Midwest Open Mixed Doubles was designing a website for them. This was an exciting task because this tournament only happens once a year and was to be used to gain sponsorships for the tournament. The site needed to look bigger than it actually was and encompass in action tennis shots to give a competitive tennis tournament feel to the overall website. We trained the staff on how to upload blog posts and add tournament sponsors as they jump on board.

Phase 3

Once the logo and website had been established, created and executed, NES was asked to create a flyer that would go out to both USTA as well as local businesses to promote the tournament. The idea was to design a flyer that stood out with very graphically appealing vector images tying into the old school/vintage type theme. We wanted to design something that would WOW anyone who walked by and make them stop and pick up a flyer.

The Outcome

The Midwest Open Mixed Doubles Championship logo and website was branded from concept to execution. Our photo shoot mimicked the brand image we were trying to portray with the website layout, design and newly designed logo. Because of their new brand position, they have been able to secure more sponsorships than any previously held events.


Client Gossip

We started working with NES to help develop a logo for “Hunt Club Tennis” and for the Midwest Open Mixed Doubles Championship Tennis Tournament.  Working with the team at NES World Group was an absolute pleasure, they were extremely attentive, worked with urgency and as a direct result of their work we were able to secure a lucrative sponsorship arrangement for our tournament.  We will be sure to use them again when the opportunity arises.