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Michael Jordan Income Source Properties

The Story

Income Source Properties is a full-service real-estate firm, including construction management and property management. When Income Source Properties initially contacted us they had a current website that was built poorly with more of a stock image feel then a personal touch and set brand identity. This is where NES came aboard and helped build their brand by creating a new logo and overall brand identity. We designed and implemented a new website for them that encompassed photos from the photography shoot we took along with a deal-o-meter application that we created for them. We were also asked to create social media outlets for them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The Nitty Gritty

Phase 1

The first step working with Income Source Properties was looking over their overall company and breaking down their brand identity and establishing goals and expectations moving forward. After coming up with a few different brand identity directions, we decided on a simplistic logo with grays and blues that focused on Michael Jordan as the key player in the logo creation. We chose this because Michael Jordan is such an iconic name as it is that MJ Income Source Properties just had a nice ring to it that can be used for marketing purposes and brand recognition in the present and future.
Phase 2

Once we created and came to the final decision on the logo design, we took a photography shoot of their office, staff, etc. and created the graphics, copy and added 40+ property videos to their YouTube channel to increase their SEO. We then moved onto designing their website and creating images for their site to make it visually appealing and flow properly. We also included a language translation feature so that investors from all over the world can easily navigate the website without language barriers. Our goal for this website was to brand Michael Jordan with a professional, friendly and trustworthy website that showed off their knowledge of Real Estate Investments and shined light on the Detroit Real Estate Market all while playing off of Michael Jordan’s iconic name. We shot and put together a short video for Michael Jordan so that it could give website visitors some insight into Michael Jordan and Income Source Properties as a whole.

In the midst of creating the Income Source Properties website we completed a re-mod of Michael Jordan’s construction company website by the name of J&B Construction. We created the website layout and design, layout structure, photos and website copy. We also made minor edits and updates to another one of their current sites, Strategy Property Management.
Phase 3

On the maintenance side of things, we decided to run Income Source Properties social platforms as well as general SEO updates such as writing blog posts, updating property listings, videos, keywords throughout the website, etc. This is a great way to boost their search and visibility on the web as well as keep things fresh on their website so those that navigate to the website are seeing something new each time they visit. Helping them brainstorm ideas on how to utilize their LinkedIn properly is also something we are helping
them out with.

The Outcome

We resurrected his archaic website and created iconic brand differentiation in the metro Detroit market.