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Macomb RV Storage

The Story

Macomb RV Storage is the most affordable choice for outdoor storage needs in the heart of Macomb Township, MI. They pride themselves for being 24 hour accessible, affordable and having crushed concrete and milled asphalt parking surfaces. When first approached by Macomb RV Storage, they were in need of a logo, overall branding, website, copy creation, business listing placement and photography.



The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

Here at NES we want to make sure every client is displayed in the correct light and portrayed the correct way. We took photos on site to showcase the whole storage facility and all that they have to offer including; great security, crushed concrete and milled asphalt parking surfaces. Photography is important to us here at NES. People want to put trust in a storage facility where they will be storing their beloved recreational vehicles. Our goal was to showcase the important aspects of this storage facility so that potential customers will be comfortable and confident storing there.


Phase 2

When NES took on the website development of Macomb RV Storage we really took into consideration the lifestyle of someone who would be looking for RV storage. With that said, we came to the conclusion that an outdoorsy branded website would be ideal for this client. Our goal was to incorporate and capture the outdoorsy customer that loves to hike, camp, boat, four wheel, etc. This was key to branding this website. The logo we came up with is simple and ties in the asphalt texture lightly within the logo. We also took the branding a step above and came up with a slogan “Park here, when you’re not out there” that will capture the attention of someone in need of a storage facility when they’re not out in the wilderness with their equipment.


When implementing and designing the layout of the website, it was important that we reach locations in the metro Detroit area. We did this by utilizing the correct keywords throughout the website and making sure permalinks were structured properly.


Phase 3

We needed to create a new sign for their road front that displayed their new brand. The sign is 24’ wide X 12’ tall; the size of a small billboard. We needed to make sure someone could see the sign from afar and remember it or find the business online. Since the change out of the old sign, there has been a lift in traffic to the website and phone calls.


The Outcome

Macomb RV Storage is now able to send customers to their website, brand themselves properly, and rank first on google. After the photo shoot, Macomb RV could show potential customers their storage facility and safety features. Today a website is an absolute necessity if you want anyone to find you and now Macomb RV can officially be found and represented attractively throughout the web.


Client Gossip

NES World Group completed a website design package for my storage facility in the time parameters I needed. They did an amazing job capturing how my company operates and created a brand that would lure my target clients to our facility. They have maintained all changes to my site and have made working with them an enjoyable and smooth experience. I would recommend them to other businesses.