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Lakeside Legal Group

The Story

Justin Vande Vrede, Owner of Lakeside Legal Group, wanted to create a website that would outperform his competition while educating any potential client that may have browsed his site. He is rooted in an amazing Albert Kahn house in Mt. Clemens, MI and needed to show his old world views as well as his new world professionalism. It was also vital that his logo and business card were designed to tie his overall brand together.



The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We developed a list of strategic keywords that were searched in and around his area of practice. We then sent out our in house department to his office for a photo shoot to capture his direction and business ethic. The results of the photo shoot were then implemented into our website design which was simultaneously being created.


Phase 2

We contracted a professional legal copywriter to cover all areas of practice in detail. This ranged from drunk driving, to possession, to divorce, etc. We then took all of the copy as well as photos and were able to create a website that had over 30 pages of informational content and SEO friendly keywords. In this phase, a logo and business card were created to brand Lakeside Legal Group properly. After discussing his logo and overall brand direction, we came up with a simple logo and incorporated his previous color burgundy within his business cards. This was essential in order to brand Lakeside Legal Group and get the word out about his company.


Phase 3

Both Lakeside Legal Group and NES came to the conclusion that videos were an excellent tool to convey Justin’s personality, attorney skills and advice to consumers in the community, who may need a lawyer on several occasions. With research on local competitors on the web and discussing with Justin what his focal points were in law, we settled on seven various topics for videos; How to Fight a Traffic Ticket, Driving While License Suspended, Super Drunk Driving, Marijuana Possession, Drunk Driving, Divorce-Property Argument and Divorce-Child Custody. We wanted these videos to be clean, concise and to the point. We wanted Justin to look professional while showing off his spectacular personality to the public, in hope to real in some new clients.




The Outcome

Lakeside Legal Group has been able to convert customers more frequently using their business cards and website as sales tools. He has been able to be successful at gaining ROI within his first 60 days. We will be commencing a 2014 campaign for him that includes videos and hard copy. Keep a look out for more work to come! The seven videos we created for Lakeside Legal Group were a great advantage not only to get their name and recognition out there but also to spread via email, throughout their website, etc. These videos will be a tremendous help from here on out and will help grow Lakeside Legal Group.




Client Gossip:

Greg Dilone and his staff at Northeast Solutions were an absolute pleasure to work with.  They were completely professional and courteous.  They went out of their way to understand my business and its needs in accomplishing my goals in creating more than just a website but really an entire marketing strategy.  They came off as a family and made me feel like I was a part of it.  I highly recommend them.

-Justin Vande Vrede, Founder of Lakeside Legal Group