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John McGowan CPA

The Story

John McGowan CPA is a very successful and prominent accountant with years of client satisfaction and referrals. He was having difficulty with his brand, scheduling of clients and on-boarding of new business. He needed tools that would help him in his day-to-day operations and streamline his already successful workmanship. He needed tools and he needed them during the busiest part of his year: tax season. This meant NES was going to have to create copy, photography, and brand direction with little input from John.

The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We had to first take a look at the brand that John had and determine how we could give him a fresh look and update his LOGO and Business Cards. We kept to his Irish background and created emphasis on the word “McGowan”. John loved what we had come up with and let us get started on the next part of his project.


Phase 2

Looking at this website was not of a standard nature for us. We had to create an adaptive scheduling system that the entire site was wrapped around. Clients needed to be able to log on and see what time slots were available and be able to schedule an appointment that would automatically update in John’s calendar as well as the clients’. Once the scheduling system was tackled, we moved on to the site structure and copy writing. By becoming experts in John’s business, we were able to generate a list of services that could educate his business and personal accounting sectors.

The Outcome

John now has a comprehensive online sales and scheduling tool that has become an intricate piece of his day-to-day operation. He has been able to focus on tending to client needs and scale back on phone calls, scheduling emails, and scheduling conflicts. He now has a great business card to capture referrals and more than enough educational resources on his website to convert a prospect into a loyal customer.