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Jer-Den Plastics

The Story:

Jer-Den Plastics was introduced to NES World Group through another client, Cartblinds. Jer-Den came to us needing a new website and digital presence to update their 2002 website creation that had become stagnant. With a location in the little town of St. Louis, MI, Jer-den is far from their customer pool and a strong web presence could assist them in acquiring new business and expanding their customer reach.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1:
The initial phase of this project was an extensive photo shoot and video session at the Jer-Den Plastics location. To accommodate the timelines that the client needed, this was completed in one day. With a large, always active facility that operates in several different areas such as: resin creation, pouring, rotocasting, secondary operations, warehousing and shipping – the NES World Group team had to work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines. Always up to the challenge, we ended the day with all the footage and photos necessary to create an amazing video that Jer-den could use to introduce itself to clients as well as all the photography necessary to use in digital media and sales collateral.
Phase 2:
The second phase of the project was to create a web presence for Jer-Den that they could use to expand their potential customer pool and reach a larger audience. NES World Group went to work creating all the copy and industry verbiage for all website pages. It took our team only three weeks to get approval for all the graphic design and photos and the website was created, major SEO was implemented and the project was live.


Jer-Den Plastics now has a useful media tool that will allow potential customers throughout the entire Midwest to find them quickly and easily via online search platforms. The new digital presence proudly displays the key factors that have led to Jer-Den Plastics becoming one of the premiere rotational molding companies for all of the industries that work within. This has given them a great start on lead generation, increased sales and more customers.

Client Gossip:

Our website was outdated and in need of an overhaul. When looking for the right marketing firm for our project, it was important that they understood our industry and had experience with industrial manufacturing clients. Our new website perfectly cptures and showcases what we do at Jer-Den Plastics. NES also created a video that shows a behind the scenes look at our manufacturing process that is displayed right on our homepage for people to watch when they land on our site. We couldn’t be happier with the results.

-Jeff Stahl, President of Jer-Den Plastics