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Imagine Detroit

The Story

Imagine Detroit’s mission is to capture the raw unedited stories of hundreds of business owners in the small burrows of inner city Detroit. Their goal is to catalog hundreds of thousands of interviews from local Detroit companies and spread their stories, goals and aspirations throughout the Metro Detroit area.

The Nitty Gritty

Phase 1

We went through an entire development of Imagine Detroit’s brand, starting with nothing. We designed many logos before sticking to the strategic brand identity we created today. The logos were important in building this brand’s story because they became the guiding principle on how we were going to brand them. Slogans and logos make Imagine Detroit a symbol of great power and achievement in Detroit. After developing the brand we implemented a round of business cards, press badges, and window details.

Phase 2

We designed a website that would act as a news feed and allow us to have multiple employees update content in real time as the stories and interviews develop. We created a CMS WordPress that is able to harness the news, stories, feature articles, photos, and social media spread. Social Media is a major component of the success of Imagine Detroit. How consumers find out about us and view our content, spread our content and eventually tell others about us is the precision of social media. We branded and created social platforms with YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.

Phase 3

With the social media and website in place it was time to beta test the site and the overall objectives of the project. We interviewed 15 businesses that fit the target audience and generated photo stills, video interviews, editorial write-ups, and goodwill with 15 business owners. We were able to test the parameters of the site and start a full phase launch of the business. We are currently in the process of collecting 400-500 interviews in the next 3 months to populate Imagine Detroit’s site.


The Outcome

We have created a full nonprofit business that is scalable to any area outside of Detroit. We are in the process of collecting hundreds of interviews and we look forward to seeing what the future holds.