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Hunt Club Tennis

The Story

The Hunt Club Tennis offers youth, teen and adult group or private tennis lessons, league play, clinics, drills and cardio. Their facility offers three outdoor courts and an indoor center with four US Open ATP Tour grade courts and excellent lighting. They approached us because they knew it was time to officially step on board and obtain business cards based around their current logo. This then lead to the design and completion of a brand new website.

The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

When we were initially approached, The Hunt Club Tennis had a logo that would inevitably be the basis for our brand development. We took the existing logo and created business cards around this logo with a black, gray, red and white color scheme and tennis net to incorporate the tennis theme. It looks professional, vintage and athletic all in one. We created 7 different business cards for the staff members and coaches at Hunt Club Tennis.


Phase 2

NES took an entire photo shoot of The Hunt Club facility both indoors and outdoors. Our photo shoot encompassed the indoor courts, players and coaches in action, outdoor tennis courts, tennis equipment and other areas of The Hunt Club facility. These photos were very necessary when completing the next step, a new website for The Hunt Club Tennis.


Phase 3

The Hunt Club Tennis was in serious need of a website. This is where we came in and designed a website for them which was simplistically designed, easy to navigate, visually appealing using the photos from the photo shoot we took as well as unique to The Hunt Club. We created graphics for various programs showcased on the site as well as to spice the website up and brand it properly and make it more visually appealing to the eye.


Phase 4

Our team was asked to film a series of videos of 9 training tip videos that would be acted out and articulated by one of the coaches at Hunt Club Tennis. Each video encompassed a new training tip and how to type video that will help both The Hunt Club Tennis’s search engine optimization as well as credibility in the community. These videos were then added to YouTube with keyword tags to reel in local tennis players. We added motion tracking text to the videos to make them more visually appealing and eye catching.


The Outcome:

The Hunt Club was fully impressed with their business cards and now 7 different employees have a business card and overall brand. They now have something they are proud of when they hand their business cards out to someone. Their website has been a tremendous tool for them as well. The schedules are posted on there as well as contact info and overall club amenities that will definitely boost their memberships since their overall brand has now been identified and looks very nice.


Client Gossip:

We started working with NES to help develop a logo for “Hunt Club Tennis” and for the Midwest Open Mixed Doubles Championship Tennis Tournament.  Working with the team at NES World Group was an absolute pleasure, they were extremely attentive, worked with urgency and as a direct result of their work we were able to secure a lucrative sponsorship arrangement for our tournament.  We will be sure to use them again when the opportunity arises.

Brandon Still, President and Founder of Hunt Club Tennis