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Homerun Alarm

The Story

Homerun Alarm is a metro Detroit based alarm company that specializes in custom protection systems that are unique to every home. They have the latest cutting edge technology in alarm systems “smart” home automation, and camera options. With over 30 years under their belt, they know all the ins and outs to keeping your family, your home, and your workplace safe. Unlike the big box alarm companies, they can provide a personal interaction with each and every client. Your satisfaction and trust is their number one priority.

The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We created a one page scrolling website that would allow for us to market to a specific target audience. Our goal is for customers to arrive at a well organized website with very direct information that would assist them in an easy conversion. The website was branded to match the Homerun brand. We created custom graphics that would tell the story of Homerun Alarm and what services they offer. We created a video that we embedded on the home page slider that would allow for the customer to get a quick snapshot upon initially entering the website.


Phase 2

How do customers find the website? It is very difficult to compete in a market with other large alarm companies like ADT and COMCAST. We have created a guerilla marketing campaign through direct mailers that is going to be sent to targeted audiences throughout the Metro Detroit area. This will produce 10% conversion patterns, which will amp their sales significantly in 2014.


The Outcome

Homerun Alarm has been successfully introduced to the 21st century and with the right sales collateral created they are hoping to leverage their new tools for sales. Now that they are able to utilize their website and video, customers will get a quick and professional opinion of Homerun Alarm to better make their decision of an alarm company to choose.