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Facility One Inc

The Story

Facility One Inc is a retail and commercial casework manufacturer out of Detroit, MI. They have been in business for over 15 years and acquired some major clients like Blackberry, Sprint and Express Spa. They were looking to establish themselves further in the industry with the correct positioning that would allow them to grow their current client base.



The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

We introduced ourselves to some of Facility One’s top clients and had conversations about what they thought Facility One Inc was missing in order to take their business to the next level. They were in love with the customer service provided, but did not have a serious representation that they could take to corporate to lock in larger contracts. We decided that a website, logo design, business cards, social media and an introduction video were obligatory in making their relationships grow with potential clients. We formulated a plan of attack and began implementing.


Phase 2

We gathered all of the collateral that the company had to offer from previous years; photos, video clips, customer testimonials, etc. We quickly realized that more photos were needed to create the full story of who Facility One was/is. Greg Dilone organized a plan and for a week he acquired the correct project images nationwide to utilize in a campaign. The images and story were used to create a new website, video, and social media push.


Phase 3

NES implemented a sales program with all of the finished material. We created Email and Fax Machine Marketing Programs that were very successful. The response from existing clients and new clients was extraordinary. Their clients quickly connected with Facility One Inc making them able to secure many deals with new clients.


The Outcome

We were able to create the marketing material in a short 60 days and grow Facility One Inc.’s sales to nearly double the annual volume in just 18 months. We trained their in house staff to continue the marketing program set forth and they have continued to experience incremental growth each year since.




Client Gossip

About three years ago, Greg Dilone walked into my office; it was one of my busier days where I would never accept any meeting with anyone I don’t know, so I turned him away. He would not accept no for an answer and replied with, “this will be the best meeting you will ever take, I know how to make you money.” That is all I needed to hear. I told him he had 15 minutes and we ended up talking about my business and its challenges and exceptional areas for more than an hour.  Greg started working with my company developing a sales program that would attract new business and increase our reputation with existing clients. To say the least after 18 months of working with Greg we were able to nearly double our revenue and he even trained our staff to maintain the marketing division. If you want more business and reputable leads, this is the guy to call.