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The Story

Eshealon creates store fixtures and POP displays for interior designers and visual display experts. Their main goal is to create a space for interior designers’ customers with their key fixtures and components. They provide a simple 4-step process that is both easy to use, stunning and will help increase customer frequency and referrals. Our objective with Eshealon was to create an overall brand including logo design, business cards and letterhead. From there we created a website, implemented social media marketing and built a catalog.


The Nitty Gritty


Phase 1

Working with a kick-start brand is fun and can have many different outcomes; isolating the right concept is important. After taking a deep look into Eshealon’s competitors, OPTO and ALU it was time to transform Eshealon and take them to the next level. Our team honed in on the logo design for Eshealon and after many rigorous meetings, we had isolated the direction to take them in all other aspects of branding within their company. We created business cards, letterhead and a very detailed and well planned out catalog. The catalog was a 40 page hard copy book that invoked the design inspiration of retailers while staying true to TM Shea’s overall brand. This catalog allows retailers to build/design any retail space on one standardized system.


Phase 2

Once the direction of Eshealon’s brand was decided, it was time to bring them to life with a website. The website was a challenge because of the lack of real life imagery and products. We created a cohesive program making it easier capture a potential prospect and keep them looking at Eshealon longer. We created social media platforms and integrated them within the website. We were able to create platforms that were fully operational and functioned as a network builder in just 10 days.


Phase 3

NES created an interactive and 3D like prezi presentation that could be modified on the fly if necessary. It was important that this presentation was versatile and could be used on any and all devices. We were able to accomplish a very successful sales presentation for the client to use during web meetings and other important sales calls.