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Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds

The Story

Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds is a consumer product that’s purpose is for hunting during all seasons. The Ducks & Bucks™ patented, hunting, wildlife watching and bank and ice fishing Cartblinds™ are both unique and revolutionary. When initially finding Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds we began to develop their product line direction and reasoning. We have taken Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds from a very great product to a very great position in the market in just a short amount of time through; product development, website design, logo creation, branding, collateral material, print ads, videos and photos.

The Nitty Gritty

Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds has been an incredible client for NES and we have grown as a company since working with them. We have taken on all forms of business operations, marketing efforts and sales programs to ensure that their company runs properly and performs positively.


Phase 1

NES created focus groups to perform product testing that has resulted in great feedback that was necessary to improve the product line. As a cohesive team, we researched and analyzed similar products, product features, pricing, competitors, demographics, target market, etc. This lead to creating an investment proposal which made it possible to raise funding over 150K for the re-positioning of Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds as a whole.


Phase 2

Once the basis of the product was configured, and funds were secure, Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds and NES were ready to move forward on branding, website development and marketing efforts. We studied logos, collaborated ideas and ultimately settled on the current day design. NES has created the logo and even trademarked it. We then created business cards and apparel to keep the message clear. NES created a custom website to go along with Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds overall brand that encompassed an e-commerce site, sales tracking, a blog, product information, events, videos and photos. We have been able to efficiently alter the site for special events, holidays and to create a larger conversion rate that has allowed for greater sales overall.


Phase 3

Social Media Marketing was up on deck next. Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter have been really successful with Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds. After creating graphics, tab creation and overall re vamping, Facebook was the most popular social media outlet for this product. Facebook has allowed us to tap into a fraction of the 29.1 million hunters on Facebook in North America. This has allowed us to create new and very successful marketing strategies that have resulted in many sales.  Marketing has been essential with direct mail, collateral development, information graphics, print advertising and event/trade show marketing. We have also been able place Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds 4 Season Blind in numerous retail stores across Michigan.


Phase 4

Before Ducks&Bucks Cartblinds™ took off for the 2014 Shot Show in Las Vegas, we made sure they showed up prepared! We created a display to showcase the three new models of Cartblinds™ measuring out to a whopping 15 feet wide by 12.5 feet tall! The display consisted of four panels to represent each different model. We also created four separate signs (front & back) to stand alone next to the display, also branded toward each type of model and season.

We didn’t want interested guests walking away from Ducks & Bucks’ booth with nothing! Lastly we created a 12-page Product Catalog. Before creating the catalog we took photos of each model. This helped inform guests on Ducks & Bucks’ brand new product line. The catalog featured the three different models, including their specs, and how the different variations of each Cartblind™ could be used. The accessories and features of the 4 Season Cartblinds™ were also added to the catalog to inform guests of all the possibilities a Cartblind™ has to offer.



The Outcome

Working with Ducks & Bucks has been a great ride and as we continue to grow with them through thick and thin we will make sure they become a large and successful hunting company. Designing print advertisements for both Ducks Unlimited and Woods-N-Water has been a vital piece to our marketing efforts. We were able to gain incredible feedback as well as many conversions within the first day of the ads running. Since our involvement with Ducks & Bucks, sales have quadrupled this hunting season. Through constant marketing efforts, we look forward to growing with Ducks & Bucks Cartblinds and amplifying their brand and company over the upcoming years.


Client Gossip

I tasked NES World Group with taking my hunting product to the next level. I needed to move from a product that had little trust and very little marking to a product that could become nationally recognized and be presented in a way that any hunter could learn easily, understand and trust. They assessed my budget for the year and formulated a plan that would increase my sales by at least double.  I was a little weary that they could pull this off because of their lack of clients in the hunting industry. They exceeded every expectation and have increased my sales by 4 times then the previous year. They created a new website, sales material, in store display signage, post cards, logo, business cards, and created a social media push that has played a major part in the increase of sales. I have secured orders for 2014 and it looks like I will be increasing my business next year. I cannot be more pleased with the level of attention and knowledge that NES’s team has brought to the table. They are exceptional to work with and I will continue working with them until I am in a position to sell my company. Do not hesitate to work with them; you will not be steered wrong.