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DO Apparel

The Story:

Do Apparel is a custom apparel company located in Dearborn, Michigan. They specialize in custom sportswear, spirit wear, and corporate apparel. Their capabilities include custom screen printing, full dye printing and embroidery, and they can customize just about any article of clothing that you could imagine. They came to us looking for a website that could handle high traffic and seamlessly accommodate large volume ordering.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1:

After gaining a deep understanding of DO’s needs and goals for their new website, we created mock ups of multiple pages of the website to gain approval and clear direction of the project. We performed a photo/video shoot on location to gather shots of their facility and that would later be displayed on their website. We recorded video of their entire process from design, to print, to application onto a jersey. With the shoot complete, we edited the photos and formatted them for web use. We compiled the video footage into a 2 minute montage, added motion graphics and had a professional voice talent record a voice over with really took DO Apparel to the next level.
Phase 2: 

With the photography and video complete, it was time to begin the extensive e-commerce web build. It was important that the site not only looked clean and professional, but also had the functionality that DO Apparel needed. We researched SEO terms that would help DO rank above other companies in the highly competitive custom apparel industry. We integrated their existing social platforms to encourage customers to share their experiences with DO Apparel. Upon completion, we setup a backup system to keep their files and database secure. Lastly, we trained an internal employee to update the site and easily add new categories and products.


The Outcome:

Today, DO Apparel has a video and comprehensive online store that rivals even the most well established national competitors. The infrastructure of their new website allows them to easily keep track of orders and sales. They are now in a position to take even the largest orders from schools, corporations and other organizations. The streamlined ordering process eliminates some of the headache of processing large orders while at the same time reducing errors.

Client Gossip:

We had the opportunity to work with NES to rebuild our e-commerce website for our custom apparel. The site includes a more efficient and streamlined order system that will help us keep track of larger orders from schools and organizations. We were impressed by the video that they created of our facility that shows how we create our custom apparel which is awesome for our customers to see. We have just tested our system with 2 major clients and the process was everything promised.

-Brian Matelic, President and Founder of DO Apparel