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The Story:

As the parent company of NES World Group, DilonéStill operated without a digital presence or brand for many years. When it was time to change that, they kept the project in house and let NES World Group have the reins for this brand creation project. DilonéStill wanted to be able to market itself through a variety of online outlets as well as in person and as such needed a logo, a brand and hardcopy and digital sales materials.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1

The NES World Group team started this project by doing an extensive research project into what similar corporations were doing with their brands and also into what other companies in the area were doing. This resulted in the team having a great starting idea for where to take the feel of the brand.

Phase 2

Using the information compiled from the research project, NES World Group created a logo and color scheme for DilonéStill that corresponded with the company and its goals. The logo was then applied across the full variety of sales materials, business card designs and social media.

Phase 3 

With a brand, logo and image in place, NES World Group was then tasked with creating an interactive, educational and exciting website, complete with accompanying social media and video support. The website had to mesh with the complex business model of DilonéStill and had to make that model make sense to the viewers on the website. To do so, we assisted in copywriting, social media content, photography and search engine optimization and provided an end product that made sense for everyone trying to learn more about the company.


With the project complete, DilonéStill has an identity created that makes sense for its business plan and can be used as a sales tool for partners and investors as well as for educating people about their company. Now that all the tools are in place DilonéStill can begin an expansion process with support and success.