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Design Services Unlimited

The Story

Design Services Unlimited is a B2B company that develops and executes complex parts and system programs. DSU prides themselves on saving their clients’ money and delivering parts on schedule. When DSU initially approached us, their brand, logo and business name were all over the place. They had three different names which were spread throughout their overall company, creating confusion to potential clients. They approached us in need of both website design which included photography of their company, video footage and creation, business card design and placement into local business listings.

The Nitty Gritty

Phase 1

Design Services Unlimited was a complex project that allowed us to shine where we always do…with little information. Business owners don’t have the time to sit and think about things that are on a whole new wavelength than their expertise. They need to be at the helm of their ship, reacting to situations as they arise.  We worked with DSU to create their entire brand and sales focus for converting new business customers on their nonexistent website. We quickly turned around a formulated plan that included photo, video, logo design, business cards, website, seo and copy creation. We assessed DSU’s needs and desires and looked at all their competitors to create a plan that covered their business in its entirety.When we designed the logo we were going for simplistic yet professional and wanted to incorporate the brand color green. Their company brand led us to the execution of business cards with a slight transparent image of a gear holding fixture.

Phase 2

Once we had established a branding and logo design, we then went on to create the DSU website. Using WordPress, we developed a user friendly and interactive website with a request form, impulse buttons and an imbedded video.

The Outcome:

We were able to see DSU’s branding from concept to execution. We developed a cohesive design that we were successful in implementing throughout their newly developed website and business cards. The client was pleased with how easily we were able to translate his desired message. In three short months he has gained business from existing clients and even started doing work with a client he has been trying to acquire for years.

Client Gossip:

NES created a game changing website, logo, video, and business cards for my company. I have owned a manufacturing business in Macomb, MI for almost 10 years now and have never taken the leap to have collateral like this created. It has been a great leap. We have already experienced an increase in business from our existing clients and I was able to snag a client I have been chasing for the last five years because of my website and reintroduction to them. In three months this investment has paid me back 10 fold. They are a great team to work with and I am happy my IT Integrator introduced us. I look forward to working with them on future projects and have referred them to multiple persons. Thanks NES.

-Craig Marsack, President at Design Services Unlimited