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Data Guard Storage

The Story:

Data Guard Storage is an information technology company that specializes in protecting small businesses from technology threats. They offer a wide range of protection services from data backups, hardware repair, and even security cameras. They came to us in need of Sales Material, Website, Video, and Vehicle Graphics that would showcase their services in an organized comprehensive way.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1:
NES created a website to follow the existing brand Data Guard Storage had in place. Using the original logo as a guide for the creative direction we created a mocked up website the accurately captured the high tech military look, maintaining an overall professional tone of the brand.  We thoroughly researched IT security keywords to ensure that the correct search terms would guide potential clients to their site. We built the website using industry standard SEO techniques to further optimize search ability. We created business listings on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and Yelp to ensure that Data Guard Storage had a presence on every major search platform.
Phase 2:
We also created sales material, vehicle graphics and video that matched the look and feel of their new brand.  The sales brochure lists their services in a way that is concise and informative, perfectly capturing the feel of their military-tough security services. The Hummer H2 has been completely re branded and made to look like a BAD ASS military grade vehicle that is coming to the rescue.


The Outcome:

Data Guard Storage now has branded sales material and a website that can both be implemented as tools to gain new clients. Their website now reflects the level of quality of the services that they offer and they have used it numerous times when onboarding new clients.