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Clark Logic

The Story:

Clark Logic is one of our largest tasked branding projects to date. The goal was to create one brand that would unite a family of logistics companies, each with unique logistics services including transportation, warehousing, rental, and recycling. The companies under the Clark Logic umbrella include CMS, iTrailer, J&L X-press services, CMS Logistics and CMS Green. With headquarters in Three Rivers, Michigan, Clark Logic’s brands service the Midwestern United States including Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1:

The Clark Logic brand was one of the rare case studies where we had the opportunity to start off with a completely blank slate, with no direction from the client other than a request to use a rhino as the mascot. NES thrives on branding projects like these, because they allows us to use our own creative expression rather than trying to match the look and feel of an existing brand. We started with a logo design that would ultimately determine the creative direction of all of the other marketing pieces. We presented two completely different logos, one with a realistic rhino, the other a clean, ultra-stylized rhino. The Clark team instantly was drawn to our ultra-stylized logo that represented a road, an arrow and the Rhino which was a must. This set the direction for the tone “looking into the future” the new slogan for a newly branded logistic service provider. This logo ultimately defined the colors, fonts, and style of Clark Logic’s entire brand.
Phase 2: 

With a logo chosen, it was time to create the print media. We created business cards, folders, and sales material. We kept the design language cohesive across all of the print media to create a professional unified look. We created a highway billboard to create brand awareness where it really counts, right in front of truckers in the transportation industry. With the design of the printed media in mind, we started to build out Clark Logic’s website. The website showcases all of Clark Logic’s capabilities with separate pages for transportation, warehousing, rental, and recycling. We gathered photos of their facilities and wrote copy for the entire site. We created branded social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and integrated them into the website. The final piece of the website was a short video that explains Clark Logic in just over a minute and a half. We performed a valuable photo and video shoot to capture the shot we needed. We edited the footage into a short, compelling montage, added motion graphics, and had President Jamie Clark record a voice over that added depth and personality to the video.

Phase 3:

We created an introductory mailer as a gift for all of Clark Logic’s current top 150 clients. We used snail mail mailers because it provided the most value for Clarks targeted clients by providing gifting them a coaster set that could be spread through upper management at each company. Our set of four branded metal drink coasters, stacked on a miniature wooden pallet with an accordion style booklet was packaged and mailed individually. We also created a printed newsletter that explained the new Clark Logic brand, and highlighted some of Clark’s recent success stories. We took that same printed newsletter and set it up in an email format which we then sent to over 1,500 recipients.


The Outcome:

Today, all of the Clark Logic companies have been united under one brand. Their new materials and cohesive brand has given the internal and external stake holders confidence and clarity with who they are and what services they offer. “Looking into the future,” NES will remain a strategic marketing partner with Clark Logic. We are one phone call away for all of Clark Logics marketing needs, whether it’s sales material, trade show marketing, or other print media. We provide ongoing web support including maintenance and site backups. We create monthly newsletters to keep Clark Logic’s customer base up to date with company news and other news pertaining to the logistics industry.


Client Gossip:

We recently worked with NES to create an entirely new brand to unite all of our logistics companies. They took time to research and understand our industry in order to build our brand into a tool to attract new clients. Our new brand has allowed us to gain a footing with our customers that we preciously did not have the capability to approach. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the website and video that NES created for us as well. We have had a tremendous amount of positive feedback.

-Jamie Clark, President at Clark Logic