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The Story:

When Ducks & Bucks™ decided they wanted to undergo a massive brand overhaul, they came back to NES World Group. Ducks & Bucks™ felt that their original brand needed to become more descriptive and match the feel of the big box retailers they were trying to break into. Ducks & Bucks™ management expressed the desire to get rid of the entire feel with a new logo, new colors, new name and all new marketing and sales materials.

The Nitty Gritty:

Phase 1:
Before any work could be done, a comprehensive analysis of the current brand strengths and weaknesses, as well as competitors, needed to be completed. This extensive analysis gave NES World Group designers an idea of what to eliminate, what to keep and what design elements tended to be getting consumer attention.
Phase 2:
The first step in the rebrand was to come up with a new, descriptive name that would help consumers understand the product line just by hearing the name. Ducks & Bucks™ was dropped and the company was renamed Cartblinds™. NES World Group assisted in this process down to the last detail, even helping file the renaming paperwork with the State.
Phase 3:
After a new name was chosen, a new logo had to be created to match the new name and brand. Using the analysis of competitors and after walk-throughs of several big box retailers, a logo was created with colors and a feel that matched what customers saw in well-known hunting products, but also that stood out enough to be eye catching and visually appealing. This new logo and name were them applied across all of the sales and marketing materials including business cards, letter heads, videos and packaging materials.
Phase 4:
With the new brand solidified, the next step was to make this brand digital. An entirely new website was built from scratch, including new e-commerce, new urls, new emails and new social media pages. The old site was set to automatically redirect to the new site so that already existing customers, and those who found old marketing materials,could still find the product they were looking for.
Phase 5:
The final phase of this extensive redesign was to create a series of videos that could be uploaded to the YouTube channel and linked across all social media platforms and featured on different pages of the company website. With this process complete, Cartblinds™ was now in possession of an entirely new brand, with an up to date hard copy and digital presence.

The Outcome:

Since its redesign, Cartblinds™ has garnered attention of many of the retailers who had previously ignored the brand, has seen as resurgence of interest from former customers and has increased sales many fold. The company now operates with an identity it is proud of and that end users, retailers and distributors all relate to as high quality, high performance and professional.

Client Gossip:

I tasked NES World Group with taking my hunting product to the next level. I needed to move from a product that had little trust and very little marking to a product that could become nationally recognized and be presented in a way that any hunter could learn easily, understand and trust. They assessed my budget for the year and formulated a plan that would increase my sales by at least double.  I was a little weary that they could pull this off because of their lack of clients in the hunting industry. They exceeded every expectation and have increased my sales by 4 times then the previous year. They created a new website, sales material, in store display signage, post cards, logo, business cards, and created a social media push that has played a major part in the increase of sales. I have secured orders for 2014 and it looks like I will be increasing my business next year. I cannot be more pleased with the level of attention and knowledge that NES’s team has brought to the table. They are exceptional to work with and I will continue working with them until I am in a position to sell my company. Do not hesitate to work with them; you will not be steered wrong.

-Daniel Klein, Member of Cartblinds