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Broadview Product Development

The Story

Broadview Product Development is an amazing 3D printing and Engineering Company located in Zeeland, Michigan. When first meeting with them they knew they needed an alternate sales tool from their traditional website and brochures, but they did not know what that was. We introduced them to the idea of creating two videos that would showcase their engineering and other capabilities.

The Nitty Gritty

Phase 1

Scripting is very important in most cases, but in this case we had a charismatic client that we could shoot raw footage of. The b-roll was the most important with Broadview Product Development, because they have so many great qualities and it is hard to distinguish how they all work together. Our goal was to tell a great story throughout the video to capture the attention of potential clients in a deeper and more personal way.

The Outcome

We created 2 videos that are stellar and loved by the client. They have been able to leverage them to create new business opportunities and once their new website goes live we will be embedding our videos there to show visitors an inside look at Broadview Product Development.

Launch Project 
Broadview Product Development