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Mount Clemens was first founded in the 1800’s, named after Christian Clemens. Attempts of developing salt wells occurred in the 1870’s, but were unsuccessful. As a result, the famous mineral waters were discovered. The mineral bath industry thrived soon after and made Mount Clemens known all over the world as a famous health spa. This fame caused a good number of major hotels and bath houses to prosper, along with many rooming houses and smaller hotels.


Unfortunately, during World War II, the industry declined, causing fewer people to stay in the city to receive the mineral baths that were known to have curing powers. Although this decline occurred, Mount Clemens is still well known for its mineral baths from back in the day. You can walk up and down the streets of downtown and find numerous reminders of that era, as well as throughout the surrounding neighborhoods with their beautifully historic homes. You will also see the famous Bath City Bistro restaurant located in the heart of Mount Clemens, named after the industry the city was known for.


NES World Group made the decision to move to Mount Clemens in 2012. We wanted to be in the heart of Macomb, and what better location than its very capital, Mount Clemens? We are one of two marketing firms in Mount Clemens, and we love to work with local businesses that share the passion that we have in seeing the city and county continue to grow. We work with many different types of businesses in different industries, but a key industry is the Manufacturing Industry rich in Macomb County. At NES, we love being a part of the growing community and will always enjoy being in Mount Clemens.




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