Founder & President


High energy. Tenacious. Focused. Ambitious. From an early age these qualities drove Greg Diloné to seek out real world business experiences in a number of industries, from manufacturing and distribution to design. His entrepreneurial sensibility and relentless, open minded approach to problem solving caught the attention of industry leaders, who trained Diloné in business tactics, marketing, sales and raising capital. He learned to succeed in many ways, and learned never to fail the same way twice.

Prior to launching NES, Greg filled the roles of Vice President, Director of Marketing, Regional Sales Director, Project Manager, Foreman and even Black Belt Karate Instructor. He worked with companies that ran like clockwork and others that faced a multitude of challenges. But in each instance, Diloné learned. In each company he worked until he succeeded, in some case helping increase revenue by over 200% in a one year period.

Greg is a rare breed. Able not only to energize and excite colleagues and clients, but also to focus and manage projects. He takes control of a situation by understanding every aspect of an operation, and then distilling that into simple, understandable tasks that are easy to delegate and easy to measure. Greg is tireless, clever, edgy and fiercely loyal to any project he undertakes. His excitement and sense of fun are contagious, helping him to build fantastic teams that are willing to learn and happy to work.







Sara Kauten


Creative Director


With Sara’s educational background in Digital Design and Communication, her versatile abilities are essential to our team. She is involved with brand development from concept to completion and implementing brands through web design, print design and graphic design. Sara is very detail-oriented and people often call her a perfectionist when it comes to her work, which results in her developing seamless branding strategies that have delivered marketplace growth for clients. Sara also understands both the artistic and the technical aspects of photography, which she demonstrates at all of our photo shoots. All of this combined with her can-do attitude and positive work ethic makes her an irreplaceable part of our team.

Beyond the office walls, you can find Sara traveling anywhere she can find some sun and the ocean. She also enjoys reading, hitting the gym, photography of all kinds, yoga and frequent trips to Cedar Point for thriller rides — all while listening to Beyoncé on repeat.








Account Director


Kayla is the latest addition to the NES team. She has an obsessive passion for marketing, which is fueled by coffee and Red Bull. She not only demonstrates her love of marketing in the workplace, but also at home where she spends some of her free time studying the latest marketing trends. Kayla is organized and task oriented in her Account Director role, which are highly sought after traits in the industry. She is also an excellent communicator and can handle any task that comes her way with ease and a friendly smile. Her hard-working and ambitious attitude always keeps the spirits up here at NES. You can expect a 100% commitment to any project that she is involved with.

Outside of her role at NES, Kayla is always on the go. On a nice day, you may find her at the park hanging out, or on the road exploring new places. She enjoys working out, socializing with friends, and traveling. One of her favorite destinations is Las Vegas, where she likes to relax during the day and enjoy the bright lights at night with friends.





Justin Buice



Video & Brand Manager


Justin brings our client’s brands to life by creating compelling videos. He is able to create informative videos for our clients which deliver the most information possible in the least amount of time. During the post production phase, he uses industry standard video production software to finalize each video in order to meet NES’ stringent quality standards before they are rendered and delivered to our clients. In addition to video production, Justin has also become an expert in social media marketing, staying up to date on the ever changing media platforms.

Outside of work, he enjoys producing videos with his friends as a hobbyist. He is also an avid car enthusiast, skateboarder, and YouTuber.





Brandon still


Research & Development


With an educational background in Economics and Management and extensive graduate studies in International Business, Brandon Still brings the NES team in-depth knowledge of the economic forces that shape the marketplace. He draws upon historic and modern case studies as well as staying attune to current media and news to understand the forces at play in the world in which we live and work. Brandon employees his skills and perspective to evaluate operations and markets, help identify and leverage advantages and eliminate negative elements present in a business.

Outside of the office, Brandon enjoys playing and coaching tennis. You will never see him without his coffee and country jams in his office.





Katherine Crane



Web Developer/SEO & Copywriter


Kat’s fascination with Internet technologies began in the early 1990′s when the World Wide Web was still in its infancy. A self-admitted geek, she enjoys staying abreast of the Web’s rapidly evolving and ever-changing platforms and processes. Kat combines the science of IT with an artist’s eye, to create websites that are beautiful as well as highly functional. And, with degrees in English, Psychology and Law her research and copy writing abilities are second to none. In recent years Kat has added unsurpassed “search engine optimization” skills to her repertoire, ensuring that the amazing websites she creates also land on the top of applicable Internet searches.

On those rare occasions when she has any free time, Kat can usually be found hiking, painting, scouring a flea market, or volunteering with local wildlife organizations.





NES World Group’s team is made up of insightful, energetic and curious individuals who have the urge to explore the unknown and do all they can to quench their creative thirst. All coming from various backgrounds, our team here at NES has meshed together incredibly, allowing for a fun-filled, yet professional work environment. We are committed to your success and all work together to ensure that we get it just right. We’re on the same team; through every step of the process we are committed to your business just as much as you are.

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